A DooM mod that reproduces the hardest battle: the fight against leukemia. A disease that, despite the fact that 80% of patients overcome it, still kills more than 40,000 young people every year. Dive inside a patient's body and fight cancer cells, infections... and when all seems lost, rely on research to save the most critical situations!

Join our army and help us defeat leukemia in real life, forever!


THE BATTLE INSIDE is a Doom Eternal mod, so you need to have this game purchased, installed and updated.

If you already have the game follow these steps:

1. Install the last Eternal Mod Injector, you can find it here. (If you use Microsoft Gamepass click here).

2. Download the mod from the "DOWNLOAD" button.

3. Move the downloaded .zip file inside “.../Doom Eternal/Mods/” folder.

4. Run the eternal mod injector.

5. Start a new game in a free save slot.

When you want to uninstall the mod simply delete the .zip from the Mods folder and run the eternal mod injector again.


Slayer, your mission in this battle is to fight and defeat leukemia in the video game. You will face a particularly aggressive case. As the disease progresses, the more enemies you will face and the less healthy you will be.



Blasts are cells that have not finished maturing and have not yet transformed into white blood cells. Its uncontrolled multiplication caused by leukemia prevents the proper functioning of the bone marrow organ.


Blastodemon evolution when them spread from the bone narrow to other tissues and organs. The body begins to weaken, the defenses drop and the danger of being attacked by other organisms increases dramatically.


The flu virus gets bigger and stronger as the immune system gets weaker and weaker. It can become an impossible enemy to defeat.


Viruses of the herpes family (Herpes simplex, cytomegalovirus and Epstein Barr) are viruses that can take advantage of weakened defenses to attack the body and colonize it, causing serious infections.


In some cases the leukemia cells spread and invade the layers covering the brain and spinal cord, causing very dangerous meningitis.


Streptococcus are bacteria that cause mild infections in healthy people, but in leukemia patients they can be very serious or even fatal.


The multiplication of the fewer mature blood cells there are encourages the usual bacteria that are harmless to healthy people, such as Escherichia coli, to take control of the body.


Bacteria like this can be easily killed and fought off in a healthy body but, don't trust them, they can be a deadly threat to leukemia patients.


Although this fungus is common, do not be fooled, it can cause infections that are difficult to treat and have a very danger prognosis.


Fungal infections, especially of the genus Candida and Aspergillus, have a 90% mortality rate in immunosuppressed patients and are the cause of infectious complications in their body.


Chemotherapy attacks the malignant cells and destroys them. It is one of the most effective treatments for leukemia. However, patients must remain closely monitored, as it can weaken the immune system and facilitate infections.


El día de la batalla final, streamers de todo el mundo se unirán a nuestro ejército para enfrentarse en directo al enemigo más difícil de destruir: la leucemia. Una lucha por la vida en la que todo lo recaudado irá destinado a la investigación de la cura contra este cáncer.

Derrotarlo en el juego significará estar más cerca de hacerlo en la vida real y salvar así, a miles de jóvenes.


Streamers from all over the world are joining to our army to face live the most difficult enemy to destroy: leukemia. A fight for life in which all founds will go to research for a cure against this cancer.

Defeating it in the game will mean being closer to doing it in real life and saving thousands of young people.

Join them and download here our banner and stinger to create your own charity stream.

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You have already fought against it in a videogame, now it's time to end leukemia in the real world. Join us, collaborate with your donation and help us to end this war once and for all.

The donations collected through this action will be donated entirely to CRIS against cancer.

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The Battle Inside mod is suggested for older than 18 years